About Us

The development of solid-based acid fuel cells was pioneered in the Haile Lab of the Material Science Department at Caltech. In November 2009, Dr. Calum Chisholm, together with a team of experienced scientists, engineers, and business executives founded SAFCell to bring the technology to the market.


SAFCell is developing SAFC stacks for portable, back-up power, auxiliary power unit (APU) and military applications. Our goal is to become the leading supplier of fuel cell stacks to original equipment manufacturers in these initial market sectors, and as the technology matures, expand into stationary power generation.

Competitive Advantages

SAFCell believes SAFCs to be a superior technology to current fuel cell types under development for medium to low power applications due to their intermediate (200-300°C) operational temperatures. Our technology enables enhanced fuel flexibility, greater variety of catalyst utilization, and extensive simplification of reformer systems.